For bathroom and kitchen countertops, browse our large variety of slabs and countertops. Prefabricated countertops are available in addition to granite, marble and natural quartz. If you’re seeking inspiration, check out the RoseStone Countertop Selection Guide. This helpful tool will guide you through the entire process, including product information, design tools to help you visualize your kitchen, and actual slabs available at the RoseStone warehouse.


Private kitchens have replaced the family living room for more fun and comfort. Today, modern kitchens combine the durability of natural stone with classical beauty.


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Our helpful sales team will assist architects, homeowners, designers and contractors in choosing the best stone for any budget. Do not forget to bring your kitchen layout with examples and dimensions of the cabinet and floor. You can examine stone samples from a wide variety of quality slabs stored in our closed warehouse.

After your proposal is accepted, An experienced Rose Stone Marble & Granite stencil master will take all the necessary measurements for precision fabrication and a hassle-free installation.

Rose Stone Marble & Granite customers then have the unique opportunity to incorporate certain characteristics of the stone into their countertops. On the day of installation, we will install and seal your new stone countertop to prevent spills and stains. Please visit our project gallery to see examples of our wonderful craftsmanship.

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Marble and Granite Countertops

The attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction that we have as a top-rated marble and granite countertop provider are things that we take great pleasure in. In addition to marble, granite, quartz, soapstone, and other natural stone materials for bathrooms and kitchens of varying sizes, we also provide custom fabrication services for larger projects.

No matter if you’re planning a new building project, upgrading your space, or simply updating your worktops, our marble and granite fabricator can assist you in meeting your goals!

We Answer Your Questions

This natural granite product FAQ Guide was developed with you in mind, with the purpose of addressing your most common natural granite issues.

Hopefully, you will be encouraged to learn more about the fascinating world of natural stone, to share your enthusiasm for it, and put your ideas into action using natural granite.

In indoor uses; bathroom countertops, wall coverings, flooring, tables and coffee tables, railings, decorative items.

In outdoor uses; Grave cladding, siding, stair treads, landscaping, swimming pools, flooring, paving stones...

It is very simple, you just need to wipe it with soapy water and then rinse it so that there is no soap left.

The assembly of the granite countertop is done in 1 day, but your order will be ready for assembly in 1 week with the exact measurements, technical stages and preparations.

Marbles are softer than granite because they have different formation phases, because granite completes its formation phase late, it is harder and less permeable, whereas marble is softer and stains and scratches.

Due to its natural structure, granite countertops are not scratched unless they collide with other stones, so diamond-tipped materials are used when cutting granite.

The most important feature of granite countertops compared to other countertops is that it does not stain, so it is the most preferred among the countertops.

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