Granite Slabs & Countertops

Over 1000 granite hues are available in our premium granite collection. Whether you need granite countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, or another surface, we have the ideal granite countertops for you. Our granite countertop slabs are all in stock and available for immediate delivery.

When it comes to home remodelling, the kitchen is frequently the first thing that comes to mind. Granite slabs are often used in the fabrication of kitchen countertops, where their strength and beauty make them perfect.

Granite countertops are an igneous natural stones formed by the cooling of molten elements under the surface of the Earth. Granite countertops are well-known for their long-term durability due to their remarkable strength.

What is Granite?

Granite is a very hard stone that is entirely natural in origin. A fine finish is achieved by mining it from quarries all over the world, cutting it down to a workable size, and then polishing it.

Because of the way granite is produced, it may be found in a variety of hues and patterns. You may choose a subtle compliment to your kitchen or a show-stopping slab with distinctive mineral inclusions in virtually any color you want. There is an almost endless assortment to pick from, and no two granite worktops are exactly the same.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

It is recommended that granite kitchen countertops be cleaned on a regular basis with soap and water or a basic home cleaner. You should do your homework prior to avoid stains caused by certain oils and acids. It is recommended that you get your countertops resealed once a year to preserve the long-term durability of your granit countertop.

Granite is a long-lasting material that can withstand high temperatures and a variety of other kitchen conditions. Because of its porous nature, however, spilled liquids may discolor the surface if they are let to rest for an extended period of time, and damage may occur if your counter is subjected to a high-impact hit.