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Rosestone Marble&Granite is a one-stop shop for everything you need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. We have everything you need to finish your home remodeling in Philadelphia, from the largest collection of granite and quartz countertops in the Valley to a vast range of cabinets, tiling, and accessories.

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Granite Countertops Installed the Next Day. Only for a limited time! Don't put off getting countertops. Several of our prefabricated countertops are available for installation the same day as your cabinets.
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A one-year limited manufacturer's guarantee is included.
Upgraded drawers and cabinet accessories are an option.

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Schedule your free, in-home estimate.

Planning a kitchen remodel? Let's find the right countertops for your Philadelphia home. Give us a call or contact us online, and we'll send a design expert out to your home for a free estimate.


Stop by our Valley showroom.

Want to see our granite slabs here in Huntingdon Valley? Visit our countertop store, centrally located and easy to get to from anywhere in the Valley. Our designers can show you around and discuss your remodel.


You pick out your granite color.

At Superior, we have 30+ granite colors to choose from. Take a walk through our showroom and pick out the slab you want for your project. Or, find your favorite color on our website. It's that easy!


You'll get our proposal.

Our team will send you a proposal with design renderings of your new kitchen, installation details, and—of course—our upfront installation quote. It's everything you need to know about the project.


We'll set an installation date with you.

We'll let you know the soonest we can install your new granite counters. If we're remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, we'll time everything so that your counters go in last, after your cabinets.


We'll handle your installation.

Whether you're buying all your materials from us or just our wholesale countertops in Philadelphia, we'll work with you to plan out installation. Our install team will perfectly install your new granite.

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You will get the most out of your visit if you bring a hand-drawn sketch that would help us on giving you prices. Whether you’re buying all your materials from us or just our wholesale countertops in Philadelphia, we’ll work with you to plan out installation. Our install team will perfectly install your new granite.

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Typically, the turn-around time once material selection is finalized is 2-4 weeks. Physical templates, made either by hand or utilizing our 3-D digitizer, will set final specifications. Post-template you are invited to return to perform a lay-out during which you assist in placing the templates on your slab(s) to include the areas you love most. We review seam placement and answer any final questions during the lay-out.

Installation is typically 4-days post-template.

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A one-year limited manufacturer’s guarantee is included.
Upgraded drawers and cabinet accessories are an option.




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Welcome to RoseStone Marble & Granite

RoseStone Marble, based in Philadelphia, specializes in custom countertop design, template, fabrication, and installation. RoseStone serves metro Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, New York, and Maryland, and has been owned by the Bolukbas family for over 30 years.

For every size countertop or cabinets project, RoseStone works with residential homeowners, contractors, builders, and commercial property owners. Kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, bar tops, outdoor dining, fireplace surrounds, and walls may all be customized. Additionally, we work on both interior and outdoor projects.

We have a wide inventory of countertop slabs in a variety of materials, including Granite, Marble, and Quartz.

Welcome to RoseStone Marble & Granite

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Free Estimation and Measurement:
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We Answer Your Questions

This natural stone product FAQ Guide was created with you in mind, with the goal of answering you are most frequently asked concerns regarding natural stone.
Hopefully, you will be inspired to learn more about the wonderful world of natural stone, to become as enthusiastic about it as we are, and to put your ideas into action using natural stone.

This is dependent on a number of variables. What is the most important element in determining the overall cost of installation? The whole area of your kitchen. We'll take measurements and calculate how many square feet of material we'll need when we come out to your house for a free in-home estimate. The type of granite you choose is the next decisive element. Prefabricated granite is less costly, but there are fewer alternatives available. Our experts can assist you in selecting the appropriate granite for your kitchen or bathroom at an affordable price.

In Philadelphia, we're your go-to source for wholesale countertops. In large purchases, we purchase granite directly from the quarry. This saves us money, which saves you money as well. Our inexpensive granite is the same stone you'd get elsewhere. If you want to get inexpensive granite without sacrificing quality or appearance, you should contact our company. Our per-square-foot pricing will astound you!

We install both granite and quartz at Rose Stone. Both are referred to as "stone," but there are several important distinctions. Quartz is crushed up and then sealed in a resin, whereas granite is carved from a stone slab. As a result, granite is only available in natural hues with rich, distinctive stone veining. Quartz is available in a larger range of hues. Both are long-lasting: quartz is more water-resistant, whereas granite is more heat-resistant. Talk to our team if you can't decide between the two.

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